Ford Tentative Agreement 2020

Behind all the hype, the most striking thing about Tuesday`s press conference, was that Unifor did not even provide the most basic information on the preliminary agreement. Dziczek said Ford`s ability to exit an investment by then will largely depend on what it has concluded with Unifor. This is the second time Dias has cancelled negotiations with Detroit 3 with what it called «historic» contract. He also used this adjective to describe Unifor`s 2016 agreement with General Motors. DETROIT — Unifor President Jerry Dias says the union has reached a preliminary agreement with the Ford Motor Company of Canada, which includes the safety of Windsor. «This resounding support from our management in the workshop at all Ford Motor Company plants is proof of the strength of the agreement negotiated by our negotiating committee,» said Jerry Dias, Unifor`s national president. «By a unanimous decision, our local leaders have made their position clear: this preliminary agreement with Ford provides what our members need now and in the future.» #Unifor and @FordCanada have an interim agreement. «We are now positioned to be ford`s crown jewel and an important part of Ford`s future success in transitioning to more environmentally friendly technology. As an organization, we made a home run. @JerryPDias #AutoTalks2020 #onpoli #unifor The preliminary agreement also includes new engine production for Ford`s engines in Windsor, Ontario. According to Dias, Windsor will build a 6.8-liter V-8 engine for the Ford F-150 pickup and ford Mustang. This report from The Canadian Press was first published on September 22, 2020. The preliminary agreement with Ford was good news for Flavio Volpe, the head of the Canadian Automobile OEM Association. He said such a significant investment will make Canadian suppliers stable in the long run.

Ford can`t afford a strike. After the company lowered its profit forecast for the year last week, S-P Global Ratings became the second-best staggered rating that lowered its rating for the automaker in as many months. Ford`s performance was «below average» and outlined risks for Managing Director Jim Hackett`s $11 billion turnaround plan, including sluggish industry sales and costly emission standards. TORONTO – Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd. has agreed to spend nearly $2 billion (U.S.) on its Canadian plants under a preliminary contract announced Tuesday with Unifor. The interim contract must be ratified by the workers before it enters into force. Unifor represents approximately 6,300 Ford employees in Canada who will vote on the agreement on Sunday. Some 1,800 auto workers have already signed a petition calling on Unifor to release the entire interim contract and give workers enough time to study it before the vote. Dias recently rejected in an interview with Automotive News this legitimate request and his own arrogant endorsement.

«I don`t hunt mice when I hunt elephants,» he said when asked about his vision for the petition. The preliminary agreement also includes the production of five electric vehicles in Oakville. The announcement comes as part of a three-year interim contract that the Canadian union and Ford concluded early Tuesday after weeks of negotiations. Dias said the investment would give a new phase of life to the Oakville plant, which will undergo a $1.35 billion redevelopment and also assemble batteries. These unanswered questions underline the fact that any interim contract that is not made available to membership may have sufficient time to read and discuss before the vote cannot be accepted. Instead, workers must demand that the interim agreement be published in its entirety, along with all notes of intent, and that it be made available to all members in a timely manner before each meeting to discuss the agreement and the ratification vote.