Hgv Hire Agreement

These are the conditions under which the vehicle is rented by the tenant (you) and the owner (us) and for which you benefit from insurance coverage from us. If you sign the form on page 1 of the lease documents, you agree to the terms of this lease. Please read this agreement carefully, if there is something you do not understand, ask an employee to explain it. At the time of collection, the tenant must present a valid driver`s license with a DVLA verification code. All mentions/convictions in the last five years must be reported. If we fill the field on page 1 [of the lease], you can take out your own auto insurance to cover your legal liability in the event of losses, or if the vehicle is stolen or damaged, for the entire period during which you rent the vehicle. You must prove that this car insurance is valid and sign the confirmation on page 1 [of the lease]. We have the right to agree: the amount of coverage you arrange; l The nature of the directive you choose; and the insurer you choose. We must be satisfied with insurance coverage and insurance conditions, and you should not change them.

We may ask your insurers to write down our name as the owner of the vehicle. If the vehicle is damaged or stolen, we will negotiate with your insurers a loss or damage account, and we will receive all the money they pay. It also means that we can take legal action on your behalf and defend all proceedings against you. You are responsible for paying the full fee and paying all costs if the policy you have agreed fails and the vehicle or trailer is damaged, lost or stolen or if someone else is entitled. The owner is the party that owns the vehicle and the tenant is the one who rents the vehicle. If two people own a vehicle, you can include multiple owners in your rental agreement. If several people rent a vehicle together, z.B. spouse, you can include several tenants. Yes, you can choose between contract rental and financing lease for one of our commercial vehicles. Take a look at our latest van-leasing deals to see which new vans are available. Rental trailers can only be picked up/returned during our standard opening hours – Monday to Sunday. Unless additional withdrawal and return times have been agreed in advance with the landlord, the landlord will charge an additional 1 day`s rental for each day or part of the agreed return period.

The key to our contract rental services is flexibility. If you have an aging fleet that needs to be replaced, a sudden need to expand or restructure, to free up capital in vehicles for investments elsewhere, or simply to get more predictable maintenance costs for forecasts, we can help them. We can create a contract rental service that meets your needs and has the flexibility to adapt as soon as the business environment changes. In addition, our independent status allows us to supply vehicles from each manufacturer to meet your specific operational requirements. A down payment is processed on the tenant`s debit or credit card instead of rental. The owner will charge all costs for minor damage/loss or late return of the trailer. At the time of pickup, the tenant is required to present a valid driver`s license (both parts) and valid auto insurance for the tractor vehicle when the tenant`s vehicle is used. The photocopies are taken.