Kofax Support Agreement

(b) platform for subscription services. Kofax will provide subscription services through Kofax`s computer software and data centers (the «Subscription Services Platform») that Kofax will manage and manage. The subscription service platform can be operated by Kofax or by one or more third parties under agreements with Kofax. (c) support for subscription services. Kofax helps you with subscription services and you accept the application by Kofax of all updates, extensions and new versions of the subscription services platform. You are solely responsible for informing Kofax of the problems of assistance by e-mail at the Kofax address indicated in the agreement and, at your expense, train your users in the use of subscription services, be familiar with and use Kofax`s online support, define an important contact for communication with the subscription service and return to Kofax in a timely manner the requested troubleshooting data, perform an analysis of the causes of support problems encountered with subscription services. (a) subscription services. Subject to the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use, Kofax, Inc. and its subsidiaries and associated companies («Kofax») grant you the non-transferable right to access and use software subscription services: as described in one or more existing agreements and/or order documents (the «agreement») describing specific subscription services and usage restrictions (e.g.B. volume limits or a particular type of function, transaction or other usage restriction) (the «Subscription Services»), an agreement that sets service charges and other service conditions. Subscription services may be subject to the memory you purchased, as described in the agreement, such storage that you can update in exchange for paying additional fees at Kofax`s current prices.

(d) data protection. Kofax will comply with applicable data protection laws and will not use information that you, your employees or customers www.kofax.com/legal/privacy in section 10 and Kofax`s privacy policy («Privacy Policy»). With respect to these terms of use and their compliance, you agree that this personal data will be processed in order to comply with these Terms of Use.