Qt License Agreement

This license is subject to the laws of Norway. Disputes are settled by the Oslo Municipal Court. 13 GARANTIAE13.1 The parties fully guarantee their right and power to conclude this agreement. 13.2 Publisher heresafter assures and guarantees that it has the power and authority to distribute extensions on Marketplace in accordance with this Agreement 13.3 Publisher and assumes full responsibility, both to Qt and the final customer, that an extension (i) is free of critical errors, (ii) does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties, (iii) does not contain malicious code or sexual, violent, racist, sensitive or other inappropriate content (as defined by The Qt Company on the basis of a free discretionary reason), or defame third parties or violate their right to privacy, (iv) does not violate applicable laws or (v) does not have all the authorizations, authorizations and certificates required by the current legislation to distribute the marketplace. Publisher also ensures that it protects the privacy and legal rights of end-customers where appropriate and that it only processes their personal data in accordance with applicable privacy policy, 13.4 Except as explicit as not above and how Publisher may provide to final customers in accordance with applicable licensing conditions, and to the broadest extent permitted by law, both parties refuse any explicit or implied guarantees and conditions, including, but not only, implicit guarantees of cash and adequacy to a particular purpose, with respect to extensions and market place. In particular, The Qt Company expressly denies any assurance that Marketplace will meet Publisher`s expectations, that Marketplace will operate without error or error, or that it will operate continuously. 13.5 The explicit commitments and guarantees that the parties have made in this Agreement are instead and excluding any other guarantees, condition or other condition, express or implied, legal or other in connection with extensions or marketplace.14 PROPRIETARY RIGHTS 14.1 Qt and/or its licensees retain all rights, titles and interests, including intellectual property rights, in the market and in the market.