Trailer Park Lease Agreement

A motorhome park can also be designated as a manufactured residential park. A motorhome park usually includes four or more locations, reserved for rent to mobile home owners. (Please note that this does not apply to owners of motorized motorhomes or recreational vehicles.) The spaces are located on land and are usually within 150 feet of each other. The land on this land is owned by the same owner who intends to use the land to lease the space for a fee or other compensation. If you are a mobile home owner who rents a room for your mobile home in a motorhome park, the owner can only evict you from the park for a good cause. This applies regardless of whether the lease is for a month to a month or a fixed term (commonly known as a rental agreement) is rent. Even if your landlord has a good reason, he can never resort to violence to remove you or another tenant. The owner must also not disable your services to force you to move. Only a sheriff can, with a court order, physically evict a tenant. Typically, a lessor receives a court order to do so by first filing an eviction action.

If the case is filed, the clerk will send a copy of the documents to your home. A process server will also hand it over to you or install it at your door. The papers will tell you when and where you should appear if you want to challenge the deportation. If you do not show up, you automatically lose the eviction action and the county sheriff may force you to evacuate the premise. If you show up, you can request a trial version and tell your story page. You have the right, but you do not have to keep a lawyer to represent you. An owner would have every reason to evict you from his motorhome park for the following reasons: H1163.1 Note 1720 State of the 65th Legislature 2017 regular meeting of Representative Shea read for the first time 01/27/17. referred to the Justice Committee. 1 2 3 a law on the terms and content of the lease under the… Please write the terms of the agreement.

This includes the amount of the down payment and payments, the duration of the lease that is responsible for the services and repairs, as well as any other information relevant to the contract.