Zoomcar Agreement

All lease renewals must be made by phone or email 48 hours before the return time. A combination of online shares for long-term rental is not allowed. Once already in the rental agreement, online bookings for extensions are not taken into account. 27.3 If you want to terminate your contract with Zoomcar, you can do so by not accessing (i) the site; or (ii) close your account for all bookings where Zoomcar provided you with this option. THIS DOCUMENT IS A LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENT THAT WILL BE EFFECTIVE UPON YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE SAME (DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY IN ELECTRONIC FORM OR BY MEANS OF AN ELECTRONIC RECORD) AND WILL GOVERN TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR AVAILING ZOOMCARS AND THE USE OF THE SERVICES OFFERED THROUGH WEBSITE www.zoomcar.com AND MOBILE APPLICATION UNDER THE NAME AND STYLE OF `ZOOMCAR` Zoomcar, the provider of self-propelled car rental services, announced that it has reached an agreement with Hyderabad-based e-mobility solutions provider ETO Motors to provide a number of platform services for Derabad`s common tricycle business. As part of the deal, Zoomcar will provide proprietary technology, which focuses on vehicle safety and maintenance, while ETO Motors will own and operate electric tricycles for common passenger shuttles for the first kilometer and last kilometer, as well as for the movement of goods within cities, a company statement said. Mr. Arnab Bose, Ombudsman Appointed under the Information Technology Act, 2000 E-mail: grievanceofficer@zoomcar.com. 18.1 All breakdowns or incidents in which the vehicle is involved are immediately by telephone at 080-67481200 and by e-mail at support@zoomcar.com Miles are limited to 200 km per day with a maximum of 3000 kilometres per agreement. Luxury cars are allowed at 100 km per day and 12 cars are 150 km per day with a maximum of 3000 km. The additional mileage is calculated based on the size of the vehicle. Insurance is limited to the duration of the lease defined in each contract.

Coverage could only be extended if it had been previously agreed and accepted by the owner. «Operating and operating conditions» are the terms of sale updated, modified, modified, replaced, replaced or replaced from time to time in which the vehicle would be operated on the site, especially on www.zoomcar.com.